Here are the Top 25+ Capital Peak Level 9 Bases with copy link Clash of clans.

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How to attack the capital peak level 9 layout link?

My recommendation is always to use two multi-target Infernos, which differ for capital peak level 9 layout link attacks. However, if you stick to this for the time being, you will likely be hit by more spammy-style attacks, such as those from miners or baby dragons while farming, so the multi-infernos can much better protect your storages.

Capital peak level 9 base

This capital peak level 9 layout link is a basic anti-war base with a capital hall in the center that makes it extremely tough for your opponent to enter that area. It looks amazing, in my opinion.

Capital peak level 9 base

Now that your capital peak level 9 layout link is fighting back, you can protect yourself from farming strategies because it has more beams to attack swarm-type troops.

This brings up an interesting point. Whether you’re farming for trophies or fighting, you should always make sure your splash is spread out across the capital peak level 9 layout link.

Because, at this level, bat spells are very common, you want to make sure you can defend those. Additionally, every layout in this blog, including the Lower Capital Hall levels, was created by a pro if you would prefer your custom-built bases.

With code capital peak level 9 layout link, you can even save 10% on all layouts, but my favourite feature of this site is the extensive collection of free bases available at any level.

The Capital Peak Level 9 layout: To further aid in defending your village, you now have two scatter shots. When it comes to a farming layout, this varies as you get to Trophy and War bases, which is also where you will see a lot more variety in the clan.

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