COC TH11 Attack strategy Electro Dragon spam

COC TH11 Attack strategy Electro Dragon spam

In our TH11 Attack strategy episodes, we provided a detailed laboratory upgrade guide to provide you with some clear guidance on what to upgrade so that way you can use your favorite armies faster.

Today we’re going to start diving into some of the easiest best th11 attacks for clan war in 2024.

In this TH11 Attack strategy, we have an electro dragon attack th11 with a flame finger.


COC TH11 Attack strategy Electro Dragon spam

COC TH11 Attack strategy Electro Dragon spam

We have the flame flinger involved and this best th11 attacks are going to use the flame flinger on the far left side of the base design to clear out various defenses in a certain zone for electro dragon attack th11.

Now We drop it without dropping a tank troop which he has to kind of resolve with the use of balloons to clear that Archer Tower because we are trying to preserve the life of this flame flinger best th11 war attacks.

Now there’s only really one major danger here and that is this mortar if we can clear that mortar then the rest of these defenses are pretty much in trouble because the flame flinger can touch all these in this section and clear this side of the

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best th11 attack


]On the opposite side we are gonna just basically spam Electro Dragon up. We are gonna drop double rage Electro dragons balloons and Warden on-air mode with the ability. Which is going to send the balloons to clear the air defense as well as The multi-target Inferno tower on the far right side corner.

You’re going to see Barbarian King and Archer Queen walking their way down chipping away at Archer towers and cannons to assist the electro dragons.

Use the freeze spell on the air sweeper that way it’s not pushing away and resetting the Electro Dragon TH11 Attack strategy and the Electro Dragon is going to continue to power through coc th11 attack base very easily. In this Electro Dragon th11 attack strategy you can use battle blimp to take out the town hall.

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