Clash Of Clan Dragon Cliffs Level 2 Layout Copy Link

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You have to be looking at the base and trying to take advantage of the weaknesses within Dragon Cliffs Level 2 Layout. We have a mega tip for within this one as well this skelly barrel we feel it’s underused we use it to tank for the giants which is a tank-style troop at Dragon Cliffs Level 2 base with the link.

Dragon Cliff Level 2 Layout

What is a rushed accounting clash of clans, What are the negatives of this Dragon Cliffs Level 2 Layout, and most importantly what are these step-by-step processes that I can take to fix my rushed Dragon Cliffs Level 2 Layouts?

How to attack Dragon Cliffs Level 2 Layout?

We like to use the electro dragon. You will see now in the Dragon Cliffs level 2 bases. You have a couple of deployment areas and there are a lot of traps so be careful about it. try and use your battle rams to set them off as much as possible but essentially we like to break open the walls by wall breaker. Wall breakers are most useful in the funneling of the Other Troops in Dragon Cliffs level 2. Thanks for visiting COC Dragon Cliffs Level 2 bases With Link.

Dragon Cliffs Level 2 Layout
These are questions I get asked all of the time so I wanted to bring you Dragon Cliffs Level 2 Layout telling you everything you need to know about Dragon Cliffs Level 2 base designs

Let’s get into it welcome back to the blog. This is what my base looked like not too long ago when I started a how-to-fix a rushed base series.


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