Top 10+ Dragon Cliffs Level 3 Layout with Copy Links

Town Hall Builder Hall Clan Capital


Capital Peak Barbarian-Camp Wizard Velly Balloon Lagoon Builder Workshop Dragon Cliff Golem Quarry Skeletan Parks

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You can also use earthquake spells you have to use four earthquake spells to damage a whole compartment of the wall it is not easy to funnel all the heroes Troops and pets you need a lot of practice for that here are the tips to make it easy for every Dragon Cliffs Level 3 Layout of clash of clan.

Dragon Cliffs Level 3 Layout

In Dragon Cliffs level 3 base, Dragon is an excellent air troop it can attack both ground and air defenses most vulnerable and virtual troops in a clash of clans. It is a versatile troop of Clash of the clan Here are the best Dragon clip Clash of Clans layout there are three types of dragons Electro Dragon, super Dragon, Baby Dragon, Inferno Dragon, Minion and so many more the most number of housing space goes to super Dragon. Thanks for visiting the COC Dragon Cliffs Level 3 Layout With Link.

Now, I discontinued the series of Dragon Cliffs Level 3 Layout links

But I have gone ahead and fixed my bases in the background. I often get asked how to do this base so I thought, I would bring you a blog article about Dragon Cliffs Level 3 Layout link teaching you everything you need to know.

Dragon Cliffs Level 3 Layout

If that’s the type of content you want to see I would recommend reading the article and seeing all the bases.

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