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Welcome to everybody. You can view a variety of base layouts, notably at Clash of clans th10 war base layouts, depending on your trophy level and Town Hall level.

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th10 war

As dark elixir storage is also a vital asset to upgrade Archer Queen to even level 30, positioning it in the center and protecting both dark elixir drills would be advantageous to any 3-star base. The soldiers’ funneling is essential. You can employ the baby dragon, wizard, barbarian, etc.

Many players appreciate this Town Hall. That’s because it’s fun to play Town Hall 10 War Bases Layouts. There are several methods to set up your headquarters in Clash of clans th10 war base. This is where you may access Inferno Tower, the primary defense of lvl 10 town hall war base.

Clash of Clans Best War Base TH 10

You own the bomb towers. You will find eagle artillery in the upper town hall, which is comparable to town hall thirteen. Keep your town hall in the heart of the battlefield so enemies may only assault the unarmed town hall. Due to this, there is no longer any concern about being harmed by town halls in the higher town hall like Giga Inferno or Mega Tesla.

You may apply the siege machines from Clan Castle here, which is a tremendous advantage for you as a town hall 10 players, therefore keep one donation account for yourself.

COC War Base Town Hall 10

No base rate is too low to earn three stars. Any base can be given three stars by a really strong player, even though some bases are also challenging for them. You can keep the archer queen nearby to defend the town hall.

TH10 war base
We’ve been able to clean up pretty well, which reminds me: this is the map where the tutorial asks you to spam them all into the wizard tower. Oh my goodness, those questionable strategies are heavy hitters.

Town Hall 10 War Attack Strategy

It’s TH10 best war base and I’m following the tutorial; why does it bring up that screen? Are you kidding me? I guess last time we didn’t exit out of the tutorial. We just completed it. However, I remember it asks you to have a strong heavy push in the base.

This one, oh my goodness, we just acquired the wizard tower and mortar, and I think that’s worked pretty well since the wizards are the ones who deal the damage; we needed to protect them and enter the best war base Layouts.

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