TH11 Max level list 2023

Here you can see TH11 max levels list 2023 and also TH11 hero level 2023 like TH11 queen level so stay tuned guys.

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That sums up the th11 max level troops and what you’re trying to go for th11 max time, like what are the main objectives you want to get rid of with your th11 max heroes, and that’s also one of the trickiest parts when it comes to planning th11 max upgrade list, like that’s not really hard to execute but it’s really hard to like plan ahead what is your goal watch what you try to go for and on this th11 max price. It’s not like if you get the Queen away with your own th11 max heroes that’s nice but we also made th11 spell levels.

Our first town hall 11 max levels in front of us, the Eagle, and other high-value structures like exposing the tower and moving it, but you can also go for a path thing like when you find something where you can get rid of th11 max defenses so you lose have a better way through the th11 max base that’s totally fine as well. However, this last part is based on experience with the strategy, it’s not just about like, Yeah you can take out like get rid of this part of the th11 max base.th11 ma heroes


I suppose the simplest approach is to start with objectives like buildings, such as the Town Hall 11 max level list, which is eagle in front of our stuff here on this pace. I chose to go for the Town Hall because, first, the CC is kind of deep into the base, which means the defensive CC troops won’t come out, and, second, I knew on those bases there were so many traps in front of the TH11 max level list, so if I can get rid of it, I won’t really need to fly over th11 max.

The King should just make sure that she is heading to the Th11 max heroes list, and as soon as all of the chefs are coming up like I said there are so many trap somebody throughout the space like spring traps are coming up giant bomb more skeleton traps it’s insane like all those bases are swarming just like th11 max list. Then I will pass again so I can show you how the latter part is planned, and as soon as we are there I will draw everything in so you can see the Queen out of range of everything in th11 max defenses.

What did I achieve with my heroes? Well, obviously, I got rid of the Town Hall, which is nice, but that’s why I made a nice path thing for this. I know that’s really difficult, but if you want to master the strategy, you should try to completely destroy our th11 max building, meaning that all of the buildings have no defenses. Now, what’s nearby to show you guys what are the other options?

Here Are the best TH11 Max level Army buildings list 2023.

TH11 Army Buildings Max level no of buildings
Dark Spell Factory 5 1
Army Camp 9 4
Barrack 13 1
Dark Barrack 8 1
Laboratory 9 1
Spell Factory 6 1
TH 11 Max Defenses Levels No of buildings
Eagle Artillery 2 1
Inferno tower 5 2
X-bow 5 4
Bomb Tower 6 2
Hidden tesla 9 4
Air Sweeper 7 2
Wizard Tower 10 4
Air Defense 9 4
Mortar 10 4
Archer Tower 15 8
Cannon 14 7

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