Here are the Top 30+ TH15 war bases with copy link 2024

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Here are the Top 30 Town Hall 15 war bases with a copy link.

Hey Clashers Recently, there was a significant TH15 war bases update that added new hero levels, defenses, and most importantly new troop levels. The key question at this point is whether the COC th15 war bases are now too simple or still too difficult, or what exactly the situation is.

Supercell isn’t providing any data, which is unfortunate, but there is one Discord server that is keeping track of every match, from elite teams to teams that merely want to compete in Clash of Clans War base th15, so I believe we should look at those figures since we can perfectly compare the stats before and after the update about the clash of clans th15 war base.

We can observe how it affected those clash of clans th15 war base, as many believe that the most recent update merely transformed th15 best war base into town hall 15 war base and that best war base th15 was far too simple with a hit rate of 70% for the majority of those top teams’ successful three-star attacks. Another question is: Is this truly the case? Is this the th15 war base? Is this the only thing that is doing well overall? To help address these concerns, I’d like to send a giant shout-out to the Clash Network’s Discord server.

Enjoy Your Favorite Town Hall 15 War Bases

We only want to focus on a few crucial talking points about lvl 15 town hall war base, the first of which is how all of the teams performed before the update in the coc th15 war base. With that said, we must be clear that everyone understands that this is just every single team that is only interested in competitive tournaments and that they are collecting a tonne of data and putting that together in shorts for you guys out there to understand.

You can see right now the success rates of all of those different teams and players from before the update and overall over 61,000 attacks. That’s a lot of data for Town Hall 15 war base layouts, and I believe that this statistic is fairly accurate at about a 24 to 25 hit rate, which means this is a success rate of three stars in 24 to 25 attacks for every overall 100 attacks, which is not the highest in clash of clans war base th15 if you consider that those are tournament players. I mean, yes inside th15 best war base.

There’s a huge gap between all of the different teams but remember probably the worst team on this list is still better or it is close to what the average clash of Clans th15 war base out there is so this is a really important thing to keep in mind when taking a look at those stats but now the big question is how did this change from before to after the update because I feel like this is what everyone wants to know right so how did that change the matter.

After all, we had quite a few changes with the Hero level with the defense with the troops, and remember this is mainly just the first month okay so things will change in Clash of Clans th15 war base.

This is just the first impression about the th 15 war base 2023 so let’s take a look at it seeing the numbers now from after the update until the end of the month in Town hall 15 war base.

We can see already there is quite an increase in hit rate what was before 24 to 25 percent hit rate is now up above 32 which I think by the way is a really good thing in Town Hall level 15 war base. This isn’t a hit-ready create increase from like seven to eight percent which I think is pretty nice I mean that is pretty nice and remember this is like a few of the still average town hall level 15 war base who have likely hit rate the success rate of every third attack roundabout being a three-star in hard th 15 base.

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