The best new Top 20+ COC TH16 Troll Bases with copy links.

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I could pull it off with COC TH16 Troll Bases. I think that right now, though, we should be able to merely use the books since we’re almost at 2.5 million. Oh, we still have a couple of million loot in COC TH16 Troll Bases. because we have to build the Pet house, so let’s use a book about building there.

TH16 troll bases

Alright, villager, I understand the best TH16 Troll Bases. Oh, my goodness, if the arrow had been there for the entire COC TH16 funny Bases, I would have been annoyed. Five for Town Hall 16 funny base, because we need to build the model. I think we’re good because there is a book.

How to attack COC TH16 Troll Bases?


I don’t make mistakes in my calculations in these best TH16 Troll Bases, but I do like to jump right in and watch these blogs instead of trying to figure everything out beforehand.

Well, that’s not too bad; we can quickly build these walls and traps, and since the Town Hall 15 troll base doesn’t have many buildings, we might be able to finish this in an hour. Come on, we only have 50 million gold for COC TH16 Troll Bases, that’s not too much, especially since we need to build the monolith and the spell Towers at this next level where we have the runes.

TH16 troll bases #

Okay, so let’s just concentrate and try to finish this COC TH16 Troll Bases. I wonder what the pack switches to and which one is the cheapest to build. I’d have to build both spell towers but only one monolith and it’s the darker elixir. Oh well, we’ll switch the pack by building the spell towers anywhere, won’t we? I guess it doesn’t matter because we can use the book on this one.

Let’s get another spell tower in this best TH16 Troll Base. We’ll see what the pack switches to, hopefully it gives me Dark Elixir because I also want to set up the COC TH16 Troll Bases.

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