Here is the max hero level th11 and Grand Warden max level th11

Grand warden max level th11

If you want to try and make sure max level grand warden th11 is in range on the defense of your clan castle of max grand warden th11. The max level for The Grand Warden is level 20 at this town hall 11.

Grand Warden’s best use though is the ability of the eternal tone turning troops immune for a set period so you want to use this over high-damage areas of the max hero level th11 such as the gigabomb at town hall 12 and 13.

Cost In Elixirs Time for upgrade
Level 1 10 lakhs None
Level 2 10 lakhs 2 h
Level 3 11 lakhs 4 h
Level 4 12 lakhs 8 h
Level 5 14 lakhs 12 h
Level 6 15 lakhs 16 h
Level 7 17 lakhs 22 h
Level 8 18 lakhs 1 d
Level 9 20 lakhs 1 d
Level 10 23 lakhs 1 d, 12 h
Level 11 27 lakhs 1 d, 12 h
Level 12 30 lakhs 2 d
Level 13 34 lakhs 2 d
Level 14 37 lakhs 2 d
Level 15 41 lakhs 2 d
Level 16 44 lakhs 2 d, 18 h
Level 17 48 lakhs 2 d, 18 h
Level 18 51 lakhs 2 d, 18 h
Level 19 55 lakhs 2 d, 18 h
Level 20 (Max level) 60 lakhs 2 d, 18 h


TH11 max Archer Queen

We still have one rage spell that we can use on this queen and the level 50 max made it to most of the percent of the max level archer queen th11. Let’s see if we can get this level 50 to take down the town hall with the assistance of this final rage spell.

This is happening a lot faster as we increase the levels of the archer queen let’s go ahead and rage her up because this is where the level 50 max came into problems for the max archer queen level for th11.

Hey, guys If you’re curious about the maximum level of each structure and all other buildings, including defensive buildings such as the Archer Tower and the Eagle Artillery, keep reading thoroughly Max Heroes th11. Additionally, max hero level th11 is mentioned. Moving on to the next town hall requires max level heroes th11 and TH11 upgrade guide.

Below are some examples of max hero level town hall 11, including the highest levels of its heroes, grand wardens, and grand wardens’ abilities. There is also a separate discussion on how long it takes to reach the th11 max hero level and TH11 upgrade guide

Cost in Dark Elixirs Time
Level 41 68k 4 d
Level 42 72k 4 d
Level 43 75k 4 d
Level 44 79k 4 d
Level 45 82k 5 d
Level 46 86k 5 d
Level 47 89,k 5 d
Level 48 93k 5 d
Level 49 98,k 5 d
Level 50 (Max level) 103k 5 d


The Barbarian King Max

The level 50 made it to about 30 percent of the th11 max heroes with max level heroes th11 and so we’re going to end up having to use his ability.

TH11 Max Barbarian King is going to take down that royal champion very easily. We did with the level 50 barbarian king but he’s still going and he still has a bunch of health at max level heroes th11.

Cost in Dark Elixirs Time for upgrade
Level 41 60k 4 d
Level 42 64k 4 d
Level 43 68k 4 d
Level 44 72k 4 d
Level 45 76k 5 d
Level 46 80k 5 d
Level 47 84k 5 d
Level 48 88k 5 d
Level 49 92k 5 d
Level 50 Max 96k 5 d


max hero level th11

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