Best Hero Equipment COC and Its Max evels

TH16 Heroes and The Best Hero Equipment coc

Hero equipment allows you to fully customize every hero ability and it is available from Town Hall 8. We have explained all of the new additions coming with Town Hall 16. This is the best hero equipment coc for each hero.

Barbarian King:   1  Giant Gauntlet 2  Rage Vial
Archer Queen; 1 Invisibility Vial. 2 frozen Arrow
Grand Warden: Equipment 1:  Eternal Tome 2 Healing tome
Royal Champion Hero Equipment. Equipment 1: Royal Gem .2  Seeking Shield


The Barbarian King hero equipment and coc hero equipment levels

Barbarian Puppet and Coc best hero equipment max levels

This is a common piece of equipment and it has max level of 18 at TH16. So it only requires shiny ores 1,900 to upgrade from level 9 to 10.

You can see the stats that will be boosted once you upgrade this best hero equipment clash of clans. There is no upgrade timer it is instant once you have the resources as you get higher up in the levels with the equipment it can also require Glory ores for this coc best hero equipment.

Barbarian King, His ability to spawn barbarians and become enraged is split. You could keep it exactly as is if you wanted to by keeping the Barbarian puppet at TH16 this is the article about hero equipment coc.
There are both ability improvements and hero boosts for each level.

best hero equipment coc best hero equipment clash of clans

Many of the hero stats were decreased from the pre-update that is because some of the hero stats were absorbed into the coc hero equipment.

Heroes on defense will be a little bit weaker but on attacking they will be way stronger and way more fun to use thanks to this new best hero equipment coc.

Each hero equipment that is common in Rarity can be upgraded to a maximum of level 18.

Earthquake Boots

Earthquake Boots has a max level of 18 at Town Hall 16.

Firstly the earthquake boots, this is an active ability, and even at level one it will instantly destroy those new 9 million walls any buildings within its radius will also be damaged by up to 50% at maximum level. That even includes the town hall it’s itself.

The earthquake boots and the vamp stash for the Barbarian King would be level one even if you had maxed Heroes pre-update then any future equip that is released would also start at level one.

The Vamp Stash

The vamp stash increases the king’s health when The barbarian king hits the building by 400 hp.

The Barbarian King’s Vamp stash where he heals himself every time he attacks a building.

The vamp stash will reach level 18 max at TH16. The vam stash equipment is passive. This means it is active on the king all of the time that he is alive it’s pretty straightforward every time the king attacks a building he recuperates a small amount of Health over time which can extend your King’s life massively.

The Rage vial

The rage vial makes your king enraged. It also gets max at level 18.
The rage vial is in place or you could switch that for example keep the barbarians being spawned lose the rage ability.

The Archer Queen hero equipment

Archer Puppet

The Archer Puppet is the common ability with level 18 max.

The Archer Queen has the Archer puppet spawning archers and also the invisibility vial. Which would have previously been known as the Royal cloak.

The giant arrow

The giant arrow has a great range of attack with level 18.

She gets an extra 132 DPS and 581 hit points just by having this Giant Arrow.

This is good ability if you use it earlier. The Archer Queen the active ability of the giant arrow has huge projectile damage.
The giant arrow exactly as it sounds the queen fires a giant arrow across the entire map and it does huge damage

The invisibility vial

Removing the invisibility vial from the Archer Queen is not a good idea. She will go down when her ability automatically goes off because she will not turn invisible anymore.

It is the default feature and has a maximum of 18 levels max at Town hall 16.

Royal Champion hero equipment

Royal Gem and The seeking shield

Royal Champion does not have any other gears to use she just has her current ability which is the royal gem giving her health and the seeking Shield flinging it to the defenses with the max level of 18 at TH16.

The Grand Warden’s hero equipments

The Life gem

The Grand Warden’s life gem increases the hit points of troops within the aura this this means it is active all of the time. That the grand Warden is there it’s not just when you press the ability.

The Healer puppet

When you compare any ability to the Healer puppet. The healer puppet also has a maximum level of 18.

This is the active ability that spawns the healers and then they’re going to be healing the queen but throughout.

She also has an extra 900 hit points these factors make a big deal.

Grand Warden, he has his eternal Tome. Which is an active ability with level 18 max. It will still be incredibly important if you’re sending a lot of troops through the town hall.

The Healing Tom

The two new abilities we have the healing Tom so very similar to The Eternal Tom with level 18 max.

However rather than making the troops inside it immune they basically gain Health this is also pretty significant it lasts for 25 seconds healing 150 HP per second the radius of this is also massive much larger than a healing spell.

The Rage Gem

We have the rage gem. Which is a passive ability always applied to the Troops within the aura and it increases their damage by 50% also increasing the DPS of the grand Warden and the speed of the grand Warden.

This includes all the max level of hero equipments at TH16. Enjoy the rest rest of your day.


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