The Top 5 Best TH11 armies Clash of Clans

Although the Archer Queen will be well protected in this best th11 army, we might want to maintain the healing puppet, we would want the fury gem on the th11 armies since it also increases the warden’s stats and allows us to put the arrow back on.

Top 10 TH11 Armies

Go back there and let’s try this th11 army out. This town hall 11 army might seem difficult, but I think we can succeed, so let’s go, Warden. The x bow is dangerous, so I suppose we’ll just have to wait for the best army for th11.

th11 army th11 armies

Oh my god, unfortunately, he was on broadcast, so of course it wasn’t going to work. you could see the damage the fireball caused. So, what can we do invisibly here to keep my best army for town hall 11?

best th11 army

The Royal Champion is breaking through the base’s interior and making her way to the town hall 11 best army. What a legend Town Hall 11 army! but we still have the fireball,

Which is the beauty of this equipment. Oh my goodness, it’s kind of working. We’re going to move on to gems for the final seven levels now that we’ve seen the damage that the six-tile radius caused by th11 armies.

town hall 11 army

I believe that this three-star would have also finished the event pass, so I probably need to do one more, but that will allow me to practice lawfully before my war attack in this town hall 11 army.

best th11 army

Using the I’m out of time 1 2 3 and 4 then the Spirit Box will turn the RC invisible here we go two three four invisible. Grand Warden on ground one balloon healers, we just need to make sure we’re distracting the best army for th11.

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