The super hog rider

The new super hog rider will split into two troops it will have a maximum level of 12 given that we revealed the upgraded hog rider in yesterday’s sneak peek and we know a new Dark Barracks level is coming the super hog rider is the 16th Super troop and just like any of them you will have to boost it before you can use it.

 This is actually available as early as Town Hall 13 as long as your Hog Riders are Level 10. it’s special ability divide and conquer upon defeat Hogg and Rider split into separate troops at maximum level it will have 230 damage per second compared to a regular hog rider that’s an extra 30 hit points 1700 regular hog has 1230 but you can see the super hog rider has a housing space of 12.

that is to balance the fact that on top of this base troop you then get a further two once it splits the super hog the only 60 damage per second with 1 000 hit points it is a lot faster since it’s not carrying the rider which is then slower but deals 230 damage per second with 700 hit points that is 3400 across the three of these you can see that 12 housing space it’s pretty good once you have boosted the hog rider you might notice something a little different we are allowed to cancel super troops now if you do this you will not get a refund on the dark elixir or the super potion that you used but it does mean since we have a lot more Super troops we can now be flexible much better when it comes to cwl and you have a war every day mechanics first how does the splitting of troops work initially the super hog rider is exactly the same as the regular hog rider defense targeting jumping over walls however when it gets taken down the rider is flung off and will attack any building the hog is still defense targeting and can still jump over walls but the rider is stuck behind walls and would have to punch through them one important note on that is the rider itself will deal two times damage two walls so when they’re inside the base they should be able to get through them a little bit easier let’s do a couple of comparisons and give you the pros and cons of the super hog rider When comparing to the regular hog rider remember the base stats of this troop are only slightly better than the regular hog rider so looking at this comparison that doesn’t look too big of a difference the main advantage for the super hog rider is really when it splits into the two troops A major advantage of the super hog though is being able to avoid spring traps now one super hog rider can get flung off the maximum level spring capacity is 18 but that means when you compare it to a regular hog and you can lose three of them it’s a much better trade it off the springtrap saw the one thing that you really can’t counter with a hog rider attack even if you have your Warden ability they will still just get flown off the map however with the new super hog rider one of them could still be hit but you’d still get the hog and the rider afterwards anyway the rider can be brilliant for cleanup especially if you have high HP buildings inside the base such as storages the clan castle the Riders can clean that up whilst these super Hogs and the hog gosh it does get confusing they run out in front to continue taking down the defenses one thing I really like that supercell did is make the rider slower but the hog is faster being defense targeting still the Hogs become the tank the super Hog Riders become the damage dealer and the rider becomes the cleanup there’s just really good Synergy between the three troops and that got me thinking what about on defense because you were would have a huge amount of hit points since there’s three troops and I initially thought maybe when the rider gets flung off it would cause the Archer Queen to re-aggro however in testing a lot of the time that just doesn’t work so I’ll be interested to see where the base Builders can get the super hog to work on defense because I think that mechanic could trip people up but being honest I do think the triple I scroll MCC would slow people down for longer especially with the added freeze effect at the end on attacking an advantage of the super Hog Riders is you can attack into the town hall since they have greater hit points so you can use the heal spell to get them through I would still probably advise the warden ability to be honest but it does just give you that greater flexibility as to where you send the hogs in from and where your queen charging for players like me another big Advantage is that the super Hog Riders are a bit more forgiving should you be concentrating on your queen charge you look across and there’s a scatter shot blasting at your super Hog Riders since they have greater hit points you can pop the heel spell in and it might be the difference of them surviving and getting healed back up or if it was regular Hog Riders they would already be down so in my opinion the queen charge into Mass super Hog Riders will be the way to go with this only time will tell if there are any special offers in the shop when the update goes live remember you can support a content creator beforehand my code is Judo and it really goes a long way to helping the channel here is our tease for tomorrow’s sneak peek updates are such a magical time of the year with so many Grand changes you won’t need to Ward us off much longer tomorrow will be the last sneak peek so subscribe to see that if you missed it yes it is I have it linked on your screen enjoy the rest of your day

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