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We are finally below the 1000 trophy because the TH11 Trophy Bases did not have it above his head there nor did the queen; it is something specifically for a certain hero. Sadly, this did continue. Mark and honestly, it seems to be taking forever for this person to get an ear to TH 11 trophy base.


Since there wasn’t much dark elixir down here, I just pressed on as quickly as I could. If it had been simple enough, though, I would have sniped it on Route, giving us so many trophies in bronze instead of the lowest league’s bronze three, which would require us to lose six trophies altogether.

What we prefer to see is that Oh my, oh my five Clash of Clans trophies, any progress on the negative seven trophies? Let’s go. I don’t think I’m going to find TH11 trophy pushing base with minus 300 trophies, oh minus 5, but look at this base.


The best TH11 Trophy base

I mean that was the name of the account, rushed, oh I love it, and then we’re back to this searching for opponents do I believe it should read, Did I attack him before the Army it is it’s the same guy, instead you can search for base coc TH 11 terkuat.

TH11 Trophy Bases

I wish I had a base like this with that many trophies on the dot because dropping trophies allows me to do other things. I will respond to your remarks and do my best to keep up with the bronze three; hold on, this is my league.

Oh, this is a spider base, very cool. Don’t you always love seeing a base like this in coc trophy base TH11, especially when it’s an engineering base with maxed-out treasure bonuses? Heroes I feel a little bit more since you reach a point after that much trophy-pushing.


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