The Best Balloon Lagoon level 1 layout with copy link coc

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I have to go buy more event medals for the Balloon Lagoon level 1 layout because using gems in the trader shop doubles the value of just using gems on the ore, and the event pass is roughly four times the value for the Balloon Lagoon attack strategy.

Baloon Lagoon Level 1 Base

You spend on it overall. Nevertheless, I can still buy the clan capital balloon lagoon layout with lots of 350 shiny ore, which will help with the upgrades of the best balloon lagoon level 1 layout, but let’s see how many more levels we get. Levels 16 and 17 will get us close to the threshold of the balloon lagoon attack, but I’m not sure how many more we’ll need balloon lagoon level 1 layout.


Balloon Lagoon Attack Strategy

Here is level 18, where I don’t recommend putting all of your best balloon lagoon level 1 layout into this equipment because there are better pieces of equipment, but this is one of those threshold levels so let’s do an attack or two to finish the event track.

Baloon Lagoon Level 1Base

So let’s just go with the 6,000 again because the higher the amount you purchase the better the balloon lagoon attack strategy you get per medal purchase successful that is fantastic when it comes to the shiny or spam confirmation screen yes I want all of this or oh we have five more that we can get so that should give us a couple of upgrades right literally a couple balloon lagoon level 1 layout.

We could take a walk into something like Super Bowlers before we try the war attack and completely gemming it to the maximum of clan capital balloon lagoon layout, but I think we should just have a little more fun.

I think I’m going to go root for Riders, okay? I have a plan. Watch this Warden ability, but let’s first eliminate these super dragons. Stam How wonderful that was, wow Now that I’ve had one final laugh with the super dragons, let’s move on to the warden walk and combine it with the fireball. I opened the blimp blast since I was laughing so much that I wiped the eagle set off the anger tower by the balloon lagoon level 1 layout.

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