Clash Of Clans Dragon Cliffs Level 1 Layout With Link

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You would do that for any ground attack flame flinger over at three o’clock there are no traps to worry about so it will easily take down some buildings in the village at Dragon Cliffs Level 1 Layout Bases.

Dragon Cliff Level 1 Layout

Now with the poison spells five will take down any level of the wall so we will place it. These are the details for the different levels and it works equivalent to the super troop variant, a child dragon with a single Target Inferno pillar sloping up in Dragon Cliffs Level 1 base. Thanks for visiting the COC Dragon Cliffs Level 1 Layout With the Link.

How to attack Dragon Cliffs Level 1 Layout?

They’re not but the Dragon Cliffs Level 1 Layout is still alive at the top. We’re going to get it the fireball damage got us insane value at the start.

Let’s keep the Royal Champion alive I think that is important.; Wizards up to clean let’s go balloons on the archer tower. I deserve it. I deserve Dragon Cliffs Level 1 Layout.

Dragon Cliffs Level 1 Layout

The archers are in but no way the fireball with the warden walks to take out chunks of the base is just that effective we don’t even need to take the defending King down.

Three stars that are your Fireball at the maxed level. I hope you enjoyed this Dragon Cliffs Level 1 Layout.

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