The Best Dragon Cliffs Level 4 Layout With Copy Link

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Capital Peak Barbarian-Camp Wizard Velly Balloon Lagoon Builder Workshop Dragon Cliff Golem Quarry Skeletan Parks

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We have split it up into Dragon Cliffs Level 4 attack chapters in case you wish to skip ahead to a certain area or if you come back to the article.

Click on the Image to Copy base

Dragon Cliffs level 4 layout

Electro Dragon has chain damage which is good for compact bases if you find compact bases then try the electro Dragon attack strategy and if you find spread-out bases then try the normal Dragon strategy with the lightning spell.

You can also use the earthquake spell. Just in front of the Royal champion statue to give us access to the center wall breakers in Dragon Cliffs Level 4 Layout bases.


There is also a cannon cart stuck out of range of defenses. That’s the thing with the cannon carts, they’re brilliant but you do have to ensure they are constantly working we did that with a bunch of troops left. Now we can see the second stage.

It’s very easy to refresh a particular section of Dragon Cliffs Level 4 Layout.

So before we discuss how to fix a rushed base it’s important to know what a rushed base is and the negatives of it.
We did get a reinforcement Camp of troops. We can swap troops. Thanks for visiting the COC Dragon Cliffs Level 4 Layout Link.

If you are rushing you need to stop right now and fix your base before you go any further in Dragon Cliffs Level 4 Layout.

Dragon Cliffs Level 4 Layout


Rushing is the process of upgrading your Dragon Cliffs Level 4 attack potentially numerous levels without appropriately upgrading your base around it.


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