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Hey Clashers,

Clash of Clans is a very unique game and many of you are playing this game for years. You can easily find other base layouts like town hall base layouts and builder base layouts and designs. But finding a good Clan Capital Base is different and is very difficult.
So here we find the top Clan Capital Level 1 Bases. This will make your clan’s base layouts strong although there is not many builders at Clan Capital Level 1 Bases. Even at Clan Capital peak Base Layout Level 1, It becomes difficult to completely wipe out all the buildings in just a single attack.

Clan Capital Base Layouts Level 1

A simple trick to arranging capital peak is to set the capital hall away from the deployment site. It is a critical defense. You can also put it in the center of the Coc clan capital base layout.

Also, keep in mind that it is secured with nearby defenses. If the Coc clan capital base layout was destroyed early during the raid, then it is all over. The opponent will take all the clan capital loot at capital peak level 1. There are only four spear throwers, four cannons, four air defenses, and two giant bombs.

And all other extra buildings which don’t have any value protecting the base. Damage to the capital hall is very high. Supergiant and super wizard work well in this base layout.

The best clan capital base layout has benefits over normal base layout like the default base clan capital layout because in the default base layout all the defenses like spear thrower cannon multi mortal, are scattered all over the layouts which make the opponent too easily destroy within less than 3 attacks Clan Capital Base Layouts Level 1.

This clash of clans’ capital base layout helps you to not easily get the percentage for the average coc player. We have included different types of clan capital base level 1 in which there is a difference in the arrangement of wall.

The best coc capital peak layout link is exclusively available in this coc clan capital layout post. You can easily apply this capital peak base layout in your Clash of Clans gameplay in Clan Capital Base Layouts Level 1.

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