The Best COC Golem Quarry Level 1 Layout With Link

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Golem Quarry Level 1 base Layout has the highest hit points of all the Troops even more than the Barbarian king when golem gets destroyed it will split into two pieces Golem items. But damage per second is very low rat two types of golem Ice golem and normal column You may be having some sort of questions regarding Golem Quarry bases here are the most popular questions regarding Golem Quarry Level 1 base layouts with links.

You will get to know some of our greatest strategies for attacking the Golem Quarry Base as well as our exclusive information. We like taking down bases, and we’ll show you that by three-starring a district in a single attack. Thanks for visiting Clash Of Golem Quarry Cliffs 1 base layout Level 1.

Golem Quarry Level 1 Layout Links

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Golem Quarry Level 2 Layout

That’s the one below the Golem Quarry Level 1 Layout. What I am going to and below this is because of the loot penalty. I would love to see a little icon that I could press and get more information on the loot penalty but what it is is a decrease in the amount of loot you will gain when you attack town halls lower.

Golem Quarry Level 1 Layout

If you attack someone one Golem Quarry Level 1 Layout lower you get a 20 penalty not that bad but if you attack someone two levels lower you get a Golem Quarry Level 1 Attack.

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