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We feel broken down by the base incredibly well. That is personally what we love about the clan capital. It’s not overly complex like town hall 14 where you’ve got troops and heroes and spells and everything but you can be strategic at Golem Quarry Level 4 Base Layout.

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Golem Quarry Level 4 Layout-2

This sounds like common sense but it means that everything is not good about Golem Quarry Level 4 Layout.

You are new you would like to spam the troops in to make sure as many of them survive as possible but also try and use the big tanky-style troops. We hope this has been helpful for you and we know you are going to enjoy this article, enjoy the rest of your day. Thanks for visiting the COC Dragon Cliffs Level 4 Layout With the Link.

Now this is different if you want to rush to Golem Quarry Level 4 Layout in order to get siege machines not recommended but on rare occasions.

Golem Quarry Level 4 Layout

I did an article on when you should upgrade your Golem Quarry Level 4 Layout level going into the specifics. I would reference that article.

How to attack Golem Quarry Level 4 Layout?

The next step you want to take is upgrading your Golem Quarry Level 4 Layout troops you should choose the Golem Quarry Level 4 Attack strategy.



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