Here are The COC capital peak level 6 layout link latest 2024 so enjoy.

Town Hall Builder Hall Clan Capital


Capital Peak Barbarian-Camp Wizard Velly Balloon Lagoon Builder Workshop Dragon Cliff Golem Quarry Skeletan Parks

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Each of the three bases that coc capital peak level 6 layout link is designed for your bases on the air defence placement and attempts to ensure that it is adequately protected because dragons are the major threats.

coc capital peak level 6 layout link

Specifically, the trophy base has a two-tile gap between the wall and the defence to fend off archers and wizards who might fire over and eliminate those.

As for your war base, it is still configured to defend not only dragons but also the Coc Capital Peak level 6 layout link, especially with the placement of the trap, which is the other strongest attack at the Capitol Peak level 6 layout link and the one you’re most likely to be hit by in coc capital peak level 6 layout link.

How do you attack Coc Capital peak layout level 6 in one attack?

The dragon is still highly effective in the clan castle, and I believe these three designs highlight the differences in base types When it comes to your coc capital peak layout level 6, the main focus is protecting the capital hall because, as I mentioned earlier, people cannot build specific armies against you in multiplayer,

capital peak level 6 link

You won’t be in Legends as a coc capital peak layout level 6 player. The farming base is set to protect the storages because your king now goes up to level 20 at coc capital peak level 6 layout link. The dark elixir is very much protected in the centre since you will need it. However, you can notice it’s not easy to get to all of the storages so even if they break into one side of the base, they can’t easily get all of the loot from the other side.

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