The Balloon Lagoon Level 4 Layout with copy links latest

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The Balloon Lagoon level 4 layout is just up to level 27. I think is going to be the main one yeah we should have enough balloon lagoon level 4 layout.


Baloon Lagoon Level 4 Base-2

This is Balloon Lagoon level 4 attack strategy clash of clans

Let’s go 25 to level 26 and now I can’t even remember what was it for the Frozen Arrow again to get an epic piece of equipment one level 1 honestly, I think it was more than that for the balloon lagoon level 4 layout link.

I have 60 balloon lagoon level 4 layout or that’s right and star or is 30 five gems piece of all Fireball upgraded to level 27 so now the time has come.

Let’s test it out in all of its Glory. oh, I have no idea if this is going to work in the Coc Balloon Lagoon level 4 layout. but I’ve identified a base that looks at the fireball value by the eagle.

balloon lagoon level 4 layout

We could get the eagle and both Expos we probably just need the Royal Champion to help reinforce balloon lagoon level 4 layout links clash of clans.

I have no idea let’s just see if it works. I think we should go warden’s on-the-ground balloon lagoon level 4 layouts for base design.

He’s not going to be in any immediate damage but as soon as he gets in range of those Expos there’s a lot of damage.


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