COC Builder Workshop Level 2 Layout Link

Town Hall Builder Hall Clan Capital


Capital Peak Barbarian-Camp Wizard Velly Balloon Lagoon Builder Workshop Dragon Cliff Golem Quarry Skeletan Parks

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We would love to take down the capitol peak in one attack that will be the next raid that we show. We do want to finalise some of the attack strategies and give you methods for taking them down at the COC Builder’s Workshop Level 2 Layout.

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Builder Workshop Level 2 Layout

These are the best bases for Builder Workshop Level 2 Layout.

It is always appreciated with this Builder Workshop Level 2 Bases. we might get lucky by just spamming everything in the corner but let’s show you how to beat it.

How to attack at the Builder Workshop Level?

We always like to open with just archers and minions, essentially taking advantage of the weaknesses in the air and we feel you can do that quite easily within the clan capital; it’s why we are showcasing it in this article. Thanks for visiting the COC Builders Workshop Level Base 2 Layout With the Link.

We could get the eagle and both Builder Workshop Level 2 Layout. We probably just need the Royal Champion to help reinforce. I have no idea let’s just see the Builder Workshop Level 2 Layouts links.

I think we should go to Warden’s on the ground Builder Workshop Level 2 Layout link. He’s not going to be in any immediate damage but as soon as he gets in range of those Builder Workshop Level 2 Layout.

There’s a lot of damage let’s go Warden maybe towards the cannon we can go with the yeti here loons to check and then the healers cuz we can’t allow that Warden to go down okay before we send in the Royal Champion let’s go this and I think again


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