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Here is the best skeletal Park base layout level 3, in addition to a copy link to the attack strategy that is provided below.

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Skeleton Parks level 3 Layout

The Clash of Clans update presents a new Clan Capital District called Skeleton Park, which develops two new defences and a new spell. You can unlock this District by raising your Capital hall to level 8, and once we do, you can access the Dragon troop and one minion with a level 5 defence after repairing some of the ruins in skeleton park base layouts level 3.

Please like this base layout guide to learn about this Skeleton Park Level 3 Layout.

Well once again this is after you’ve repaired a couple of ruins and this is what we are most looking forward to because it’s kind of like a skeleton spell but the skeleton spawns.

Skeleton Park Level 3 Layout

When you’re attacking troops or defending troops are taken down as you continue to upgrade the district Hall you will unlock many more reflectors but skeleton parks level 3 base layouts only. Goes up to level four this is what it looks like at maximum level two minion hives and six reflector defences.

This are the unique base design for you.

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