The Best TH12 War Base and COC Town Hall 12 Base Layouts

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We are not buying the builder through this TH12 War Base, but if you remember to use the c in the top right corner and enter the code to support the channel, it would be greatly appreciated.

Th12 war base

Check out the resources left to build it has been taunting me with this for the entire time. Where should we put it in th12 base copy link? We’ve got builders. The reason I’m doing it is to look at our 2,000 gems there at th 12 base. We go no, we are not buying the builder through this pack.

If you were to unlock this, you would have access to the skin once you reached the best th12 base and unlocked the grand warden, even though I am only a town hall nine and this month’s gold pass is for the grand warden.

In truth, if you were to unlock this, you would have access to the skin after entering Town Hall 12 best base and obtaining the Grand Warden’s unlockable status. While the gold pass for this month is for the grand warden, I do want to let you know that.

Clash Of Clans TH12 War Base With Copy Link

The heroes and dark elixir I’ve already mentioned I think are extremely important at town hall 12 so I’m obviously going to get those working. I still have all of the dark elixir upgrades in the lab, but I’m thinking I might as well actually go with the dark elixir drills and just get those upgrades as well so that we can get as much dark elixir as possible in base th12 clash of clans. Another thing you can do is set the builders working.

I believe that the heroes and dark elixir I’ve already said are crucial for th12 coc base, so I’ll get things rolling without a doubt. Although I still have all of the dark elixir improvements in the lab, I’m considering just improving the dark elixir drills instead so that we can produce as many dark elixirs as possible. Setting the builders to work is another option.

You should upgrade your barbarians and archers because the barbarian king’s ability and the arch queen’s ability cause them to replicate your barbarian and archers’ level in the lab.

One strategy I do want to demonstrate is my favorite army at any level and any town hall 12 layout; it is unlocked at TH12 War Base and uses mass baby dragons and lightning spells. However, I do have one archer, one healer, and a haste spell because I haven’t launched an attack in the first coup.

Best TH12 Base Layout

So it’s wise for me to push in and get that baby dragons are working admirably now I think what I will do here even though I don’t need to use one or two baby dragons is use the archer, haste, and healer before we get alongside the archer queen.

Remember, you can use your queen when in best town hall 12 base because, with her ability, you can use her to snipe off any collectors. This is a good base to demonstrate how to use the lightning.

I want to destroy the air defense in those TH12 copy link areas, and you should also try to destroy the defenses next to it. As you can see, we took the archer tower, but the final spell I can use from the top will destroy the air defense, and the king platform will help with funneling in this case.

TH12 War Base

With the air defense, however, there isn’t much we can do in th12 layout. Instead, we should take the sweeper and the mortar next to it to facilitate our baby dragons moving in. What I recommend is making sure you can get those and spreading the baby dragons out.

He has a brand-new hero extra life, which means we don’t have to worry about that as much, and you want to try and target the defenses as they shoot at the baby dragons.

Town Hall 12 Layouts With Copy Link

it would be nice to target that Tesla can’t quite get there, but another thing you want to do is try to time the baby dragons so that they enter the base just as the other baby dragon is about to go down; observe how this baby dragon is about to go down now that I have another one nearby.

Moving back to clash of Clans th12 bases, I do want to say that we have not made as much progress as I had hoped. I believe this bb dragon went to the tesla; however, come on, come on, we’ve got another baby dragon there, and taking the tesla down means our baby dragon should be able to get the storage.

Therefore, with the baby dragon, it is important to be judicious so that you’re not spamming them in and wasting the ability. All these clash of clans bases th12 are ready to use these bases will provide good protection against air and ground army.


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