TH12 Max Levels List With Max Hero Level th12 Clash of clans 2024

Hey Clashers, Here we are glad to introduce you to the best TH12 max levels and max hero level TH12.

Town Hall Builder Hall Clan Capital

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War Trophy Farming Troll Progress Max Level

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TH 12 max hero level COC

TH12 max heroes

TH12 Grand Warden Max level Level 40

Using the grand warden himself to take down buildings can be pretty sensible for a max grand warden level for max level heroes th12. You can do it before then using him in support mode because he has a really good range and can reach deeper into the TH12 max base.

Let’s say level 40 is the max warden level th12 so a common method for max warden level th12. Which is pretty effective at Town Hall 12 max.

We are going to stop the TH12 Heroes Max level now and play with it again later. I just lost the account. We’re back. No, I don’t want to load my TH12 max level list 2024 since I still can’t afford the laboratory. Let’s fill that up with 11 gems. Yes, that’s what I wanted the gold in the starter pack for max grand warden level for th12.


TH12 Max Barbarian King Level 65

If you have moved past that threshold of level 65 TH12 Max Barbarian King. The barbarian king is going to keep moving forward taking out multiple buildings around the village.

He can do very well as a funnel. He is integral for funneling a base and helping out with the success of your armies regardless of whatever strategy you’re using at max level heroes TH12.

TH12 max Archer Queen Level 65

Here at this town hall level, you will see the max level archer queen th12 which is level 65. We did not have the rage spell for the level 65 archer queen but in this case, we’re able to take down the town hall 12 max levels with Such high-level archer queen.

The TH12 max Archer Queen will take down the wizard tower move into elixir storage and also take down an x-bow before she moves into some more problems at the TH12 max base.


How long does it take to max town hall 12?

Town Hall 12 Full Details For Builder time:3mo 28d research time: 8mo 22d


Town Hall 12 Dark Spells Max level

Spell Name Highest Levels
Earthquake Spell  5
Poison Spell  6
Haste Spell 5
Skeleton Spell 6
Bat Spell 5


I don’t know why I haven’t done it in earlier blogs, but using the buildup boost is pretty awesome in Gold Mine. Perhaps it will be my secret weapon to beat my best th12 max hero levels.

Town Hall 12 Max Level Spells
Light Spell 9
Healing Spell 7
Rage Spell 6
Jump Spell 3
Freeze Spell 7
Clone Spell 5
Invisibility Spell 3

Now that we’re getting bigger and better, do you know what we ought to connect to the real th12 max hero level?

TH12 Max level of Troops

Barbarian 9
Archer 9
Giant 9
Goblin 8
Wall Breaker 8
Balloon 8
Wizard 9
Healer 5
Dragon 7
Baby Dragon 6
Miner 6
Electro Dragon 3
Yeti 2

If so, why not? This means that the mortar over here might be completed by the end of the blog about the TH12 max level list. I’m attempting to beat my record of one hour, but I don’t think I’m doing too well thus far. We have only reached Town Hall 12 max levels.

COC TH 12 Traps Levels
Bomb 8
Spring Trap 5
Air Bomb 6
Giant Bomb 5
Seeking Air Mine 3
Skelton Trap 4
Tornado Trap 3

TH12 Defenses Levels
Cannon 17
Archer Tower 17
Mortar 12
Air Defense 10
Wizard Tower 11
Air Sweeper 7
Hidden Tesla 10
Bomb Tower 7
X-Bow 6
Inferno Tower 6
Eagle Artillery 3
Town hall Giga Tesla 5
Walls 14 total: 300


What is the max level for town hall?

The maximum level of the town hall is TH16 and still new town halls are coming.

Town Hall 12 Army Buildings

Barracks 14
Army Camp 10
Spell Factory 6
Laboratory 10
Clan Castle 8
Dark Barracks 9
Dark Spell Factory 5
Siege Machine 3

TH12 Resource Buildings MAX Level
Elixir Storage 13
Gold Storage 13
Elixir Collector 15
Gold Mine 15
Dark Elixir Drill 9
Dark Elixir Storage 7

TH12 Max level Defenses

This is Th12 max-level defenses with the level mentioned and also max hero level th12.

TH12 max level list

TH12 max level list 2024 ought to see us through the upcoming town hall stages. How ironic, are you kidding me? How many max hero levels th12 will we require? Let’s proceed with the Builder Pack purchase, which was successful. Should we boost using the Builder boost potion we recently obtained?

TH12 Resource buildings Max level

TH12 max level list

TH12 Army Buildings Max level

TH12 max level list

TH12 Troops Max level

TH12 max level list

TH12 Dark Troops Max level

TH12 max level list

TH12 Spells Max level

TH12 max level list


TH12 Dark Spells Max level



TH12 Max Siege machine level

TH12 max heroes level list

TH12 Max pets level

Not available at the TH12 max levels.


I think I’m going to leave the town hall four-pack for the time being, but if we do purchase the air defense here, let’s get that gemmed. So I need to start picking up the piece, but oh my goodness that is what I am talking about.

Here’s the thing on my main account this goes up to 25 million gold is it Town Hall specific because there is a little tab here in the settings that says personalized offers for max warden level th12? If this is on offers in the shop are more relevant to you and I think that’s on your town hall level 12 max.

Now switch, if we search for the town hall-specific one, there are max heroes for th12 of them, so let’s get that, which was quite successful. I had no idea that Town Hall 12 max levels list 2024 had scenery; those are some pretty cool defenses, all those walls, but by the time I navigated to the menu and chose the walls, the archer tower had already finished, so I was able to save like one gem.

This is a fully detailed article about TH12 max levels I hope it will help you manage your base.

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