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If you are wondering about how long it takes to max out town hall 15? Here is the list of the troops, heroes, buildings, pets, and all that in TH15 max level list.

These are the TH15 max level list with a copy link. This coc th15 max level base link 2023.

We’ll discuss TH15 max level in a moment. The next issue is that we only have six minions, so we have to get everything done really quickly. Additionally, we only have two tool hounds, so that’s what we don’t have too. When you’re starting the lalo, you can use the baby dragons to take the Archer towers from the outside while simultaneously dropping dunes on the TH15 max level because you only have two hounds on this army camp.


That’s – lava hounds and 35 loons in your CC you’re bringing one Schlemmer and even more lumens so you have about 43 loons total and that’s insane especially when you have your coc TH15 max level exit. just like there are so many loons grouping up in the end that the defenses just can’t handle it and if you’re lucky that you say over here is my left well then the loons will never ever die in that base so that’s

So that’s the main idea of this attack’s spells. We have one heal, but just make sure that if we don’t have the warn ability to, say, help the loons through a few refer towers or something similar, then we can use the heal spell at the same time we have to freeze, as we used it on the tower for example or somewhere else, like enemy Queen and stuff like this. We also have a poison, and if our heroes don’t lose the CC with

It’s terrible versus pretty much any other army, such as Queen Charges. When it comes to high spells, just make sure that your loons are like speeding through the base to skeleton spells if you want to. If you want to mix one skill and spell with an earthquake, but I’m referring to the skeleton spells right now because normally I have the like it’s pretty easy for me to deal with them. Dragons aren’t good in the defence of CC generally so not that many people using it so everything else you can just kill with one poison

I don’t know I never really saw the bed ring did a lot of work so I’m more afraid of the eight loons but let’s look at the attacks I have now. You usually either have the percentage or you can use the slammer for that which is why it is easier in my opinion than in your CC like I said a lockup of seven or eight loons adds rage to what you can do as well as you can bring only six Nunes and want a baby dragon.


Here is the max level of th15 resource buildings in 2023. As you can see there is only one level increase in storage buildings and no increase in level in all the mines, drill, and collector buildings.

Town Hall 15 Resource Buildings Max level No of buildings
Elixir collector 16 7
Gold Mine 16 7
Elixir storage 16 4
Gold Storage 16 4
Dark Elixir Drill 9 3
Dark elixir storage 9 1

After seeing the max level of all the resource buildings, it’s time to see the max level of Th15 max heroes level.

Both Barbarian King and Archer Queen have a max level of level 90. Royal Champion has a max level of 40. And grand warden has max level of level 70.

Hero Max level
Barbarian King 90
Archer Queen 90
Royal Champion 40
Grand Warden 70
Th15 max heroes

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