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Hey Folks, Today we will see the best TH8 max level list and upgrade guide for Town Hall 8. We have created an exclusive list of Town Hall 8 max defenses, troops, and heroes at their highest levels.

TH8 Max Barbarian King

We need to wait until these defenses target that TH8 Max Barbarian King. Here to assist the king, he’s got a bunch of barbarians with him. There is a whole mess of barbarians in there helping the king the max level of the king at TH8 is level 10.

Just make sure The TH8 Max Barbarian King does not get caught up on a wall because then it kind of defeats the purpose at the TH8 Max base. If he does get caught up on a wall he will die soon and he will not be able to get to much value.

This information will enable you to construct your town hall correctly in a specified time and money. Here you can see Max th8 levels, th-8 hero levels, and last but not least, th8 max troop levels have also been mentioned.

The Barbarian King is the only hero available at Town Hall 8, and the next level hero you may access is The Archer Queen at Town Hall above Town Hall 8. The maximum level of each hero, especially the Town Hall levels, has been covered.

Town Hall 8 max spell list

There are few spells at this town hall. Upgrade this town hall because it has a few spells. We have mentioned these levels in charts for example The lightning spell has a level 5 maximum. and for the dark spell like Spell of Poison now has level 2.


TH8 Dark Elixir Spell Levels
Only two spells
Poison Spell 2
Earthquake Spell 2


TH 8 Spells Max Levels
Light Spell 5
Healing Spell 5
Rage Spell 5


Heroes at Town Hall 8

Only one hero, the barbarian king who is a defensive hero, with a max level of 10, is accessible at this town hall 8.

Max level of army buildings at TH8

The following list includes every Army building at Town Hall 8 for example Barrrack, Dark Barrack, Lab, Clan castle, Spell factory, and Dark Spell factory. There are levels given in the form of charts so read that levels like Dark Barrack are level 4 at its highest. The maximum level in the laboratory is 6.

Coc TH8 Max Army Buildings Levels
Four Barracks 10
Four Army Camp 6
One spell Factory 3
One Laboratory 6
One Clan Castle 4
One Dark Barrack 4
One Dark Spell Factory 2
One Blacksmith 1

Max level of Resource buildings at TH8
The maximum level for all the Elixir Collectors and gold mines is level 12 and the dark elixir drill is 3. And for storage is level 11


Coc TH8 Max Resource Buildings

  MAX Level
Six Elixir Collectors 12
Six Gold Mines 12
Three Elixir Storages 11
Three Gold Storages 11
Two Dark Elixir Drills 3
One Dark Elixir Storage 4


Coc TH8 Max Dark Troops TH8 Dark Elixir Troop Levels
Minion 4
Hog Rider 4
Valkyrie 2
Golem 2


Coc TH8 Max Troops TH8 Troop Levels
Barbarian 5
Archer 5
Giant 5
Goblin 5
Wall Breaker 5
Balloon 5
Wizard 5
Healer 3
Dragon 3


Coc TH8 Max Traps

 Traps Levels
Six Bombs 5
Six Spring Traps 2
Four Air Bombs 3
Three Giant Bombs 3
Two Seeking Air Mine 1
Two Skeleton Traps 2


TH8 max levels list for defenses

TH8 Max Defenses Levels
Five Cannons 10
Five Archer Towers 10
Four Mortars 6
Three Air Defenses 6
Three Wizard Towers 6
One Air Sweeper 4
Three Hidden Teslas 6
One Bomb Tower 2
225 Walls 8


Unfortunately, I didn’t get down the scatter shots or the single Target Inferno on this one as you typically would, but that is what I will be utilizing the freeze spell for essentially use it for whatever you need. The Royal Champion is on the other side, along with the baby dragon.

Be careful in the TH8 max level list. you should utilize the king and queen ability now, nice and early, but with that manner spamming in the E dragons. Let’s freeze the single and the scatter and just look at how much we have in the TH8 max level list. There are a lot of Royal ghosts at the bottom.

Th8 upgrade guide

You’ll need your ground Warden on air for this one. Start with an electro dragon at the 12 o’clock area. We’ll then send in three balloons in this gap, one two, and three.

A rage spell which is max. Then, drop all of your e-dragons, balloons, stone Slammer, and wardens with the warden abilities as quickly as you can in the TH8 max level list. Then, drop the rage spell to the left, right, and bottom. Get ready as the warden’s ability wears off in the TH8 max level list.

We want to use the ice after he destroys the Cannon. Golem, Siege Barracks, two wizards, and the Archer Queen to this right side Now I’m taking clan castle troops with this one earthquake.

TH8 max king

I was slightly late on the earthquakes actually in the TH8 max level list. B.King all the Valkyries in from this right side with the drum spell to give them access through Grand Warden ability you want to try and protect everything

Rage spell through the center so the Box can get through the base as quickly as possible Forget about that and TH8 max level list Royal Champion.
Grand Warden on this right-hand side with five healers now since there is no time in the goblin maps you can utilize Warden walks to your advantage and you will see that they get a lot harder for the TH8 max level list, trust my case and point this base is a lot more difficult.

We will be using the siege barracks and the Ground grand Warden but this is one of the Final maps for Town Hall 8 max level and upgrade guide before we start with the Town Hall 8 Maps.

Here TH8 max level list going to jump over the wall so you want to use the Ridge to hit the Warden and the Helix so the Rage is just behind the wall there we go we hit the healers we hit the Warden.

Because we are going to charge all of the wind to the Eagle Artillery I have to turn my attention back up here after he takes down this multi-target Inferno he will take down the cannon and after that is when you use the Rage spell in TH8 max level list.

The Archer Tower in that case. Valkyries fled to the outside for me in this situation, but as long as you have set the funnel, you should be pretty good. Let’s use the RC ability.

There are a lot of skeleton traps in these goblin maps. and I have discovered that the freeze on the multi-target infernos allows you to use your balloons to try and snipe any of the outside defenses, in this case, the archer tower.

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