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Hey Guys, Welcome back to the blog about the town hall 7 max level list and upgrade guide.

In this base-building blog or article, We will discuss the max level of all the troops, max level of spells, max level of non-defensive buildings like resource building, max level of all the defenses, max level of pets, and max level of traps.

Defensive Buildings TH7 Max level list

Five Cannons Level 8
Four Archer Towers Level 8
Three Mortars Level 5
Two Air Defenses Level 5
Two Wizard Towers Level 4
One Air Sweeper Level 3
Two Hidden Teslas Level 3

Here are the latest updated 2023 max levels of all the defenses.
Defenses are the most important part of the bases. In TH 7 Defenses, the cannon and Archer tower have a max level of level 8 and there are 5 cannons and 4 archer towers.

You can see mortar and air defense max of level 5. There are 3 mortar and 2 air defenses. And our beloved splash defense The wizard tower has max level 4 and you can see 2 wizard towers. Only one sweeper has a max level of level 3. Two hidden teslas and 3 is the max level of it.

TH7 Walls max level

There are 175 walls and has a max level of level 7.

Max level of the extra buildings except for defenses


Max Barracks Level 9
Max Army Camp Level 6
Max Spell Factory Level 3
Max Laboratory Level 5
Max Clan Castle Level 3
Max Dark Barracks Level 2  



Elixir Collector 11 6
Gold Mine 11 6
Elixir Storage 11 2
Gold Storage 11 2
Dark Elixir Drill 3 1
Dark Elixir Storage 2 1


Clan Castle is at level 2 in the TH 7 Max, and the spell factory’s maximum level is level 3 at this town hall. If we talk about the heroes at town hall 7 2023, there is only one hero present here, the Barbarian King. There is no dark troop at TH 7. Its maximum level is 5 which is nothing at town hall 7 max.

Town Hall 7 Traps Max level list

Bomb 4
Spring Trap 2
Air Bomb 3
Giant Bomb 2
Seeking Air Mine 1


The maximum level of all traps at Town Hall 7 will now be discussed in this blog about TH 7 max. Now we will start with the bomb. The Air bomb has three levels for max out and the Bomb has a maximum level of 4. The giant bomb and spring trap make up the level 2 maximum at TH 7.

Town Hall 7 Spells Max level list

Light Spell 4
Healing Spell 4
Rage Spell 4

Minion level 2 max at Th7 max level and same goes for Hog rider.

Barbarian 4
Archer 4
Giant 4
Goblin 4
Wall Breaker 4
Balloon 4
Wizard 4
Healer 2
Dragon 2



TH 7 upgrade guide and progress guide 2023

You can use an archer to lure the scattershot Queen to the southern area of the base, followed by five healers, and you want to use two balloons onto the archer tower to the left of the base. Once you have lured the scattershot Queen to the southern area of the base, one baby dragon will take them all out. You can see our bats have indeed destroyed the scattershot Queen in TH & max list.

The maximum level for every troop, hero, trap, etc changes with an update in Clash of Clans. We will make sure to update this information stay safe and stay healthy. be sure to share our work with your friends.

Th7 max level

At Town Hall 7 Max level list there are not many of buildings to discuss but we have tried to provide an exclusive list for all the buildings, troops, heroes, etc. If you are interested in this type of max-level list at TH 7 then stay tuned.

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