TH13 Max Levels List and TH13 Max Hero Levels Latest

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TH13 max level list with max hero level th13, latest list after update.

Here are the th 13 max hero level  Check out This page for more information Click Here

I wonder how quickly this could have been completed years ago when it was necessary to have every building completed before upgrading the max hero level th13 Royal Champion, but I’ve only gone from max hero level th13.

Let’s check it in a few more town hall levels. It’s funny that they added this if you’re a rushed player it will inform you and recommend some max hero levels th13.

Max hero levels TH13 Level
barbarian king th13 max level 75
archer queen th13 max level 75
grand warden th13 max level 50
royal champion th13 max level 25

TH13 Elixir troop max level 2024

If you can create a Supercell ID, I think, I may have typed the email incorrectly oh, it happened again, Now that we’re done with TH13 max levels list 2024, I’ll worry about connecting to Supercell ID and that extra minute or two on the timer was something we most definitely did not need Wizard Tower for town hall 13 max upgrades list.

TH13 max levels troops TH13 max Troop Levels 2024
Barbarian 9
Archer 9
Giant 10
Goblin 8
Wall Breaker 9
Balloon 9
Wizard 10
Healer 6
Dragon 8
Baby Dragon 7
Miner 7
Electro Dragon 4
Yeti 3
Dragon rider 2


TH13 Army Buildings max level 2024

TH13 Army Buildings Levels No. of Buildings
Barracks 15 4
Army Camp 11 4
Spell Factory 6 1
Laboratory 11 1
Clan Castle 9 1
Dark Barracks 9 1
Dark Spell Factory 5 1
Siege Machine 5 1


TH13 resources max level 2024

Town Hall 13 Resource Buildings MAX Level No. of Buildings
Elixir Collector 15 7
Gold Mine 15 7
Elixir Storage 14 4
Gold Storage 14 4
Dark Elixir Drill 9 3
Dark Elixir Storage 8 1


TH13 Siege Machine max level 2024

Town Hall 13 Workshop TH13 Siege Machine Levels
Wall Wrecker 4
Battle Blimp 4
Stone Slammer 4
Siege Barracks 4
Log Launcher 4


coc Th13 max levels list



Town Hall 13 Max Dark Spells


TH13 max Dark Spells TH13 Dark Elixir Spell Levels
The Poison Spell 7
The Earthquake Spell 5
The Haste Spell 5
The Skeleton Spell 7
The Bat Spell 5


TH13 Max Spells

TH13 Max Spells TH13 Max Spell Levels
The Lighting Spell 9
The Healing Spell 8
The Rage Spell 6
The Jump Spell 4
The Freeze Spell 7
The Clone Spell 6
The Invisibility Spell 4


TH13 max Dark Troops 2024

TH13 max Dark Troops TH13 Dark Elixir Troop Levels
Minion 9
Hog Rider 10
Valkyrie 8
Golem 10
Witch 5
Lava Hound 6
Bowler 5
Ice Golem 5
HeadHunter 3


Th13 max Defenses

Th13 max Defenses Levels No. of Buildings
Cannon 19 7
Archer Tower 19 8
Mortar 13 4
Air Defense 11 4
Wizard Tower 13 4
Air Sweeper 7 2
Hidden Tesla 12 4
Bomb Tower 8 2
X-Bow 8 4
Inferno Tower 7 3
Eagle Artillery 4 1
Town hall Inferno Tower 5 1
Walls 14 300


town hall 13 max levels: Let’s go! The purchase has successfully switched to $5 million. Oh, what a rush we should make Coc th13 max heroes! I don’t need to buy those offers at this time, but if we force the program to quit max hero levels th13, it will load again and reveal that COC Town Hall 13 max heroes are here. Well, I have a village, so that remains the same.


I also decided to quickly rearrange my base right now so it was nicer for the rest of the max th13. Okay, that didn’t take too long is that everything no it’s not okay elixir collector there we go th 13 max levels and also the max hero level th13.

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