The best TH16 max level list and upgrade guide for COC TH16 max clash of clans players.

Here are the all max levels for the TH16. You can see the heroes’ max level with the upgrade cost of 2024. Now enjoy TH16 max base.

Town Hall Builder Hall Clan Capital

TH7 TH8 TH9 TH10 TH11 TH12 TH13 TH14 TH15 TH16

War Trophy Farming Troll Progress Max Level


Although you may replace the electro owl with Frosty in the TH16 Max level or even the poison lizard in this spot once the air defence is down, it’s not essential because once the Titans walk wall breaks in this location.

The warden’s ability of King Pekka, the queen, and the Royal Champion nine balloons send the other three wall breakers, but you should press it to defend the wall breakers.

TH16 Heroes Max level

As the warden’s ability wears off in TH16 Max level and a heel uses another fury, all of the barbs employ the rage freeze on these Expos. As you pass through a frozen area.

TH16 Barbarian King Max Level

TH16 heroes max level

We only have one more barbarian king max level, but I like to freeze anything XY can when the town hall goes down because it can sometimes protect Titans, healers, etc. Then just monitor where you are at so we can use a wizard on the Canon here.

TH16 Archer Queen Max Level

TH16 heroes max level

I will admit that a lot of the time. I have had a lot more survival than this for archer queen max level, but I guess that’s what has a lot of the time I have had in this TH16 max level and upgrade list at TH16 max base 2024.


TH16 Grand Warden Max Level

TH16 heroes max level

TH16 Royal Champion Max Level

TH16 heroes max level

I want to take on the new Royal Champion max level boss in TH16 max level, but I don’t like the poison spell Towers so the first time I looked at Toxic Town Square, I immediately thought can I lightning all of that in fact, you can so take an earthquake and place it right on top of the centre of that poi. Look at Diggy still going strong. Why is he not going for the defence? Is he going for a wall for oh because his Target is the same as the hero’s Target?

TH16 Spells Max Level

TH16 max spell level



TH16 Troops Max Level

TH16 max level

TH16 max level

TH16 max level

TH16 Defenses Max Level

TH16 max level

TH16 Army building and Resources Max Level

TH16 max level


You only need five lightning spells to destroy the air defences. You could use a rage spell if you want to, and just five lightning spells for each of them with the earthquake Queen down to that air defence. Once the air defence is destroyed, you can use the five healers Dragon onto this TH16 upgrade list, spread out the balloons, and try a balloon attack.

You cannot deploy the troops as I did, but what you are doing is creating the funnel so that everything must go to this right-hand side once you have done that all of the Titans King, Warden, and Royal Champion max level wait on the battle drill a bit if you wish because you can send that from outside the base these other troops were essentially just fillers so it doesn’t matter too much King ability once the poison hits warning ability this is where you could use a rage spell in TH16 upgrade list.

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