Here are the Top 101 of the best TH16 Progress Bases with copy links for all of them.

Town Hall Builder Hall Clan Capital

TH7 TH8 TH9 TH10 TH11 TH12 TH13 TH14 TH15 TH16

War Trophy Farming Troll Progress Max Level

TH16 progress base

Finding the best TH16 Progress Base is very difficult for beginners so let’s get into it and have fun.

It’s nice that it gives me half a million, as that covers Clash of Clans TH16 Progress Base. We should place the monolith in front of Town Hall because it is so magnificent. Let’s do more than just that. Clash of Clans TH16 Progress Base, people crammed in before I forget.

Do we have a few minutes? I believe we do for Clash of Clans TH16 Progress Base. We’re only on about fifty minutes. Alright, we need to finish one of these and put the magical scenery on to commemorate this upgrade weapon book of building upgrade weapon book oh we’re onto the book of everything for the best TH16 Progress Base.


How to copy Clash of Clans TH16 Progress Base?

I have three books of everything up to level four, then five, so we need three upgrades. Let me get the book of building from here. Where is it? Oh, it’s at the end. Wow, that Town Hall 16 progress bases are so perfect! Yes, I’m rushing, but we smashed that in less than an hour. Let’s look at the Town Hall 16 progress base pack,

TH16 progress base #

We don’t have half a million Dark Elixir; instead, we have 1 million. Let’s see how much we can get before we use this account for defense.


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