Here are The best 20+ Town hall 16, TH16 farming bases with links.

Town Hall Builder Hall Clan Capital

TH7 TH8 TH9 TH10 TH11 TH12 TH13 TH14 TH15 TH16

War Trophy Farming Troll Progress Max Level

Th16 farm bases

What are TH16 Farm Bases?


I’m going to leave that TH16 Farm Base, perhaps we should just wait for the builder to finish. If I leave two scatter shots, for example, perhaps that’s the right thing to do in COC TH16 Farm Bases as long as the structures are constructed, I can still move on to the next town hall.

I believe that the two with the longest upgrade times may be the scatters. I suppose there’s still the monolith, which we must construct before we can ascend to Town Hall 16 farm base. We’ll cross the bridge there when we arrive at COC TH16 Farm Bases, so let’s leave this other scatter upgrading there. After we finish upgrading this, oh, I’m going to run out of gems, but it’s a good job.

We have five levels of 14 and five of 15, but there is a building book there that we don’t use for the best TH16 Farm Bases, even though I purchased the $99 pack. Even though I already have the runes, I believe I would be better off purchasing the gems.

Th16 farm base layouts

Alright, let’s use the x bow. I believe we should be okay with the best TH16 Farm Bases because there are some in the gold pass as well, so that should be helpful. Alright, we get the pet, but that’s it at Town Hall 16 farm bases. Here we go. How many magic items then? We have three books of everything, so that’s 14. Yeah, I believe this is worth a book of building.

COC Town Hall 16 farm bases lack a landscape, and the builders have turned into battle builders. It seems like a long time ago that they suggested changing the setting to a jungle, and then we oh so many gloomy Elixir.

Though it doesn’t give me anything else, I kind of desire COC TH16 Farm Bases. Pet house, feel free to stop by. I don’t need any of those other stuff for this film. We need more gems, but how many more are there? Is it the 49 or the 99? I made my decision too quickly, and I only had ten minutes. Nine days, oh, is the Town Hall 16 farm base layout upgrade going to cost more than that? How much this is one?


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