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Hey Clasher, We shall analyze the top TH14 war bases in today’s blog. Alternatively, you may merely establish a war base at your town hall 14.

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TH14 War base

If we discuss the golem at town hall, there are town hall 14 war bases. With the assistance of the Archer queen and the Electro Dragon, Golems can effortlessly clear the flanks of this village.

If we talk about all those tight compartments in the bases we may be able to have the same results.

COC Best War Base Town Hall 14

How quickly can each practice map in Clash of Clans be completed? Welcome back to the blog, people. Let’s find out. We completed every practice map a few months ago, but we did so while adhering to the tutorial’s occasionally questionable strategies at Coc th14 war base.

TH14 War base

We don’t quite get a good split toward the end of the attack here, Balloons get that air defense they just about got it oh, this cannon at the bottom, I think a lot of the balloons will start to move to that cannon maybe not, it brings a balloon up top here at lvl 14 town hall war base.

We think they’re going to give us the best opportunity of cleaning up, and do you know what we did get an okay split there in terms of the balloons moving in a different direction?

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