Clash Of Clans TH13 War Base with copy link COC base design

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I’ll give you a bit of advice and a strategy in TH13 War Base as I go along as to what to upgrade first, but for now, we’re concentrating on The Apprentice Warden.

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TH13 war base

I collected everything before they saw the black elixir from the TH 13 War Base, etc., so honestly, I suppose rather than using a rune here we’re going to need more than one. we’re going to need a lot of dark elixir for the best TH13 War Base and Heroes.

COC TH13 Base With Copy Link

A very risky defense However, the scatter shot’s increased HP makes it need to use an additional lightning spell to defeat town hall 15 layout with the earthquake, which is a significant improvement. build a Hut is last 4 million now do we have anything else in here one million beautiful normally on the jamming blog? I’m not as careful as this but there are a lot of best townhall 13 base in this upgrade as well as Hidden Tesla.

Clash Of Clans TH13 War Base

There are a few reasons for this TH13 War Base. It is the best farming strategy.

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