Here are The latest top 55 TH16 War Bases with copy link 2024

You can see the latest top 55 TH16 War Bases with copy link 2024

Town Hall Builder Hall Clan Capital

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Th16 war bases

To upgrade to the Town Hall 16 war base in one month, We created a new Clash of Clans account for The TH16 War Bases. The fastest you can ever get to the maximum was with Town Hall 16 war bases, which we have completed in under an hour.

Could you break that record of three stars for The TH16 War Bases? To start, you have to finish the in-game tutorial. Can we put it here to try and take out the Goblins as quickly as possible? Well, let’s do that to explore things. It’s faster to put the cannon next to that nice and quickly get those Wizards deployed. It looks so different with the new single-player scenery Maps so hurry up wizards there in The TH16 War Bases.

We proceed from Town Hall 1 to Town Hall 16 war bases, and now that we have upgraded Town Hall Level 2, We can proceed to build all of the new buildings in The TH16 War Bases. Oh, and check out this special offer from Clash for Nature. I’m just going to put the buildings in their current locations for the time being, but once we get a little higher up in The Town Hall 16 War Bases.

You can unlock the layout editor for The TH16 War Bases,

TH16 war base

I might have to rearrange the base. We just gemmed 50 gold. Is that right? Where are my storages that can hold 12 gems? It would have been less expensive to do that. That was all for The TH16 War Bases. Yes, it is Town Hall 16 base, and once we reach the higher Town Halls, things will slow down, I’m sure. First, we must upgrade the Town Hall itself before upgrading here.

Next, let’s build the new storage and then maximize them. I am wasting one gem when I’ve gemmed to the highest level so many times in The TH16 War Bases.

We’re going to need gems soon for The TH16 War Bases, so the Builder for 500 gems is the best value. I’m not sure that we will need the gems once we get to the next town hall level.

I’m going to leave that mortar actually and let that continue to upgrade get the wall for best The TH16 War Bases. I did it again it’s too quick for me to get all the resources for the defenses. We just need that so we need the Elixir storage. Okay, fill up the storages that give you the best value per gem then upgrade the storages to the maximum why would you cancel an upgrade for a 50% refund?

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