Clash of Clans TH14 Max Levels List 2024 TH14 Max Heroes levels Troops, Pet and Spells

Clash of Clans TH14 Max Levels List 2024 Max Heroes levels Troops, Pet, Spells, and Siege Machine.


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Builder, what happened in Clash of Clans? coc th 14 max levels must have seen me buying a lot of stuff and suddenly appeared in front of Clash of Clans th 14 max levels.

Let’s show him the gem screen by the jewels. Alright, air defense, feel free to use my other air defenses in max th 14. Clash of Clans th 14 max levels. Now, why don’t I use my dark elixir storage once we have max th14?

When I receive the dark elixir storage, is it in here in coc th14 max levels? I can obtain the dark elixir; let’s just go ahead and get the dark that your storage doesn’t fit all of the Dark Elixir. I recall the previous time something went wrong with this, but I’m not making that mistake again.

royal champion max level th14 and how long does it take to max th14? are also answered. If you want to know u can just search it in this max hero levels th14.


Th14 max

th14 max hero levels

This is a chart showing max hero level th14 and th14 max heroes upgrade cost also given in the form of charts.

Coc TH 14 Max Heroes level Levels
max heroes th14 the Barbarian King 80
max hero level th14 the  Archer Queen 80
TH14 max Grand Warden 55
TH14 max Royal Champion 30


COC max th14 Defenses

TH14 Max Defenses Levels
Cannon 20
Archer Tower 20
Mortar 14
Air Defense 12
Wizard Tower 14
Air Sweeper 7
Hidden Tesla 13
Bomb Tower 9
X-Bow 9
Inferno Tower 8
Eagle Artillery 5
Town hall Inferno Tower 7
Walls 15



COC TH14 Max Traps Level

Bomb 10
Spring Trap 5
Air Bomb 9
Giant Bomb 8
Seeking Air Mine 4
Skelton Trap 4
Tornado Trap 3


Coc TH14 Max Army Buildings


TH14 Max Army Buildings Levels
Barracks 15
Army Camp 11
Spell Factory 6
Laboratory 12
Clan Castle 10
Dark Barracks 9
Dark Spell Factory 5
Siege Machine 6
Pet House 4



COC TH14 Max Resource Buildings


TH14 Max Resource Buildings Level
Elixir Collector 15
Gold Mine 15
Elixir Storage 15
Gold Storage 15
Dark Elixir Drill 9
Dark Elixir Storage 9


COC max pet level th14


TH14 Max Pet House Levels
L.A.S.S.I. 10
Electro Owl 10
Mighty Yak 10
Unicorn 10


COC TH14 Max Workshop


TH14 Max Workshop Levels
Wall Wrecker 4
Battle Blimp 4
Stone Slammer 4
Siege Barracks 4
Log Launcher 4
Flame Fliner 4


COC TH14 Max Dark Spell


TH14 Max Dark Spells Levels
Poison Spell 8
Earthquake Spell 5
Haste Spell 5
Skelton Spell 7
Bat Spell 5


Clash of Clans TH14 Max Spells

TH14 Max Spells Levels
Light Spell 9
Healing Spell 8
Rage Spell 6
Jump Spell 4
Freeze Spell 7
Clone Spell 7
Invisibility Spell 4


Clash of Clans TH14 Max Dark Troop

TH14 Max Dark Troops Levels
Minion 10
Hog Rider 10
Valkyrie 9
Golem 11
Witch 5
Lava Hound 6
Bowler 6
Ice Golem 5
HeadHunter 3


TH14 Max Troops list
TH14 Max Troops Levels
Barbarian 10
Archer 10
Giant 10
Goblin 8
Wall Breaker 10
Balloon 10
Wizard 10
Healer 7
Dragon 9
Baby Dragon 8
Miner 8
Electro Dragon 5
Yeti 4
Dragon rider 3


Now that we’re back on track and things are going well, I’m going to free up another Builder because that screen is making me move more slowly. After all, I have to keep saying, “Yes, I do want to get this coc th14 max levels.” How many walls does Town Hall 14 Max have? Oh my god, at last, what will I do about that King?

I guess that’s the wisest course of action because I just bought that pack and the dark elixir. The second pack appears to change if I climb too high in the town hall 14 max levels, that is me—but the first pack is the maximum menu.

I would like to confirm this purchase. clash of Clans th 14 max levels are halfway through, so let’s move my Inferno across there. We need two infernos to knock that pack out, so let’s do that. We should also buy what was the max hero levels th14-pack and royal champion max level th14 max hero levels, which is 11.5 million.

I may regret not getting that Town Hall pack, but we’ll see. It looks like I have a lot of gold now, but I know how expensive those Town Halls get. Additionally, I need to pay attention to my storage since I haven’t th14 upgrade priority.

coc th14 max

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