The TH10 Max Levels List (2024) Updated Highest TH10 max Heroes and Buildings.

Town Hall Builder Hall Clan Capital

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How Long does it take to max th10 with gold pass?

Laboratory Time:  3mo 21d
Builder time: 1mo 17d


What is the max level for TH10?

By the time we get to Clash of Clans th10 max levels, that is too funny, let’s see how long we can get this coc town hall 10 max levels list. There are currently nine days of boost on the town hall as well.

The town hall six-pack includes the mortar and wizard tower, which we can buy once they are constructed in coc max town hall 10. In other words, we can build anything as long as we remember to buy the pack before moving on to the next town hall level. Oh, I forget to buy the Town Hall seven-pack. No, and I am buying every single pack because it will get much more expensive if we have to gem coc maxed town hall 10.


Clash of Clans max level of king and queen in th10 and max Th10 hero levels

TH 10 max hero levels

  MAX Level
Archer Queen max level 40
Barbarian King max level 40


coc TH10 max levels

TH10 max troop levels


Troops TH10 max Troop Levels
Barbarian 7
Archer 7
Giant 7
Goblin 7
Wall Breaker 6
Balloon 6
Wizard 7
Healer 4
Dragon 5
Baby Dragon 4
Miner 3


TH10 max Army Buildings levels

TH10 max Army Buildings Levels
Barracks 12
Army Camp 8
Spell Factory 5
Laboratory 8
Clan Castle 6
Dark Barracks 6
Dark Spell Factory 5


TH10 max Resource Buildings

TH 10 max Resource Buildings MAX Level
Elixir Collector 13
Gold Mine 13
Elixir Storage 11
Gold Storage 11
Dark Elixir Drill 7
Dark Elixir Storage 6


TH10 max dark spell levels

Th10 max Dark Spells TH10 Dark Elixir Spell Levels
Poison Spell 4
Earthquake Spell 4
Haste Spell 4
Skelton Spell 3
Bat Spell 3


TH10 max spells levels

TH10 max Spells Levels
Light Spell 7
Healing Spell 7
Rage Spell 5
Jump Spell 3
Freeze Spell 5
Clone Spell 3


TH10 max dark troops levels

TH10 max Dark Troops Levels
Minion 6
Hog Rider 6
Valkyrie 5
Golem 5
Witch 3
Lava Hound 3
Bowler 2


TH10 max troops levels

TH10 max Troops Levels
Barbarian 7
Archer 7
Giant 7
Goblin 7
Wall Breaker 6
Balloon 6
Wizard 7
Healer 4
Dragon 5
Baby Dragon 4
Miner 3

Here are also Clash of Clans th10 max hero levels

We are running low on gems because that’s what we need to bypass time. I think that the last time, I tried to stick to the Builder packs, but I’m pretty sure that I needed to go to the chest of gems.

Since I have to buy all the cheaper packs later, it would be better to get it now rather than later. Oh well, that’s the hope. I’m doing okay. I forgot to set a timer for myself at the beginning, as I usually do. I was recording for roughly two or three minutes before I began recording the coc th10 max levels for you guys.

How Much Elixir do I need to max out TH10?

Well, It takes 120 million elixir to max out TH10. 


How much dark elixir do I need to max out TH10?

 It takes 2 million dark elixir to max out TH10. 

coc th10 max hero level may seem like I’m just hoarding loot, but remember that we have to upgrade the town hall through multiple levels once we get to town hall 10 max level list is getting longer. I estimate that we are about 20 minutes away from finishing Town Hall 10 max and the two traps remaining. I should go through that menu Spring Traps and the Giant Bomb. This is something we forgot in a previous clash of Clans th10 max levels and I am not going to forget it now is to the gold pass.

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