Top 10+ Wizard Valley Level 2 Layout with copy links

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The new epic Fireball gear for the Grand Warden is here, and I’m going to max Wizard Valley level 2 layout before testing it out in the wall. You can unlock this gear from the trader shop after finishing the event Wizard Valley level 2 base.

Wizard Valley level 2 bases

Let’s start by using the Wizard Valley level 2 layout link to purchase the event pass, which you can use before making any purchases to support the blog. We’ll see how much this Wizard Valley level 2 layout link costs, but by getting the pass, I’ll have access to a lot more and can upgrade my equipment more quickly. I also got the Super Dragon boosted in the Wizard Valley level 2 attack.

however, to start, I’m also going to go ahead and buy Wizard Valley level 2 layout, I believe, 6,000 medals from the shop. This will allow us to quickly unlock the wizard valley level 2 base layout link and buy I think some of the glory ore first.


Wizard Valley level 2 attack in one attack tips and tricks

I’m going to buy all the ore from the shop because I wasn’t expecting to get all of that, so let’s go with the starry ore. Can we get all of this as well? I’m probably going to need the shiny ore as well. However, before we start upgrading the Wizard Valley level 2 base, let’s equip the fireball on my Warden. Should I get rid of the Eternal tomb or the healing Tomb?

wizard valley level 2 layout

I think we should start over by the clan castle so that we can test if there are any CC troops, which there aren’t. We could use this super dragon for funnelling actually for my Archer Queen, which is probably a good idea for the Wizard Valley level 2 base layout link. Let’s see how effective it is at level one.

I have to take one super dragon in my army to get the bonus medals, so let’s remove two root Riders. Hello, Grand Warden, and welcome to the Root Riders! My my, my queen is getting hurt quickly for the Wizard Valley level 2 base layout.


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